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The journey to yarn dyer

This is my story

Hi I'm Jenny!

Welcome to what has become my world.

It took 48 years to realize what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I grew up just outside of the town of Parry Sound, swimming in the area lakes and of coarse in Georgian Bay, after meeting my now husband, Ian, I now live and "dye" on the shores of the Bay just a little ways south of Parry Sound.  We brought 2 youngsters into our lives by way of adoption and although a bit rough at times; living on an island and all, we raised them on & in the water, in the boats, on snowmobiles, and poor kids; long bus rides to school.  With the 2 of them off on their own journeys we are now empty nesters figuring out what to do next.


Rough way to start

My beautiful Mom tried a few times to teach me how to crochet along the years, I just didn't get it... so I didn't try, I had no interest.  Then one day my girl came home from school and said look what I learned today..... the basics of knitting and so she taught me.  I managed the typical scarf or anything square and quickly enough lost interest.  Fast forward to 2017,

The year from hell in my world!

Already with an RA diagnosis I also receive an MS diagnosis, and my Mom passes away to name the top of the list only that created the year from hell.

I needed something, something to occupy my down time, something to make me feel close to my mom again, something I could do that would make me think of her while I was doing it.  Crochet was the answer!!

Becoming a yarn snob

When I get hooked on something I have a tendency of going all out, I was making hats, scarfs... whatever... Youtube became my favourite website.  I bought all kinds of commercial yarn, Michaels was my new favourite store.  Then..... I discovered.... Local Yarn shops and Indie Hand Dyed yarn.  I have stashes of Natural Ewe, Sea Turtle, Ancient Arts, Dragon Strings, Midknit Cravings etc etc and that was it, I was hooked.. literally! 

After joining a wonderful Knit group in Parry Sound I eventually made the switch to knitting and fell deeper in love with hand dyed yarn and started Youtubing the dyeing processes.... from Kool Aid to Greener Shades, from a novice crocheter to an avid knitter & yarn dyer. 

My life right now couldn't be better, I have 2 amazing young adults that call me mom, a husband supporting whatever I want to do and a new business that makes me smile... when working with fun happy colours how could one not smile?

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